Pyres: 2001 UK FMD Outbreak - Photo: Murdo Macleod.  Slides L-R: Smallpox, SARS Coronavirus , Foot and Mouth Disease, West Nile Virus.

Biodefense Threat Analysis & Communications Center


Stephen M. Apatow
Founder, Director of Research & Development
Humanitarian Resource Institute (UN:NGO:DESA)
Humanitarian University Consortium Graduate Studies
Center for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Law
Phone: 203-668-0282


Pathobiologics International


In The Spotlight:
Strategic Planning and Development:
  • Declaration/Scope - International Public Health Emergency: A multitude of pathogens (XDR TB: Airborne, Pandemic Influenza: Atypical) are evolving in numerous global regions that present an immediate threat to the international community.
  • Pandemic Influenza: International Contingency Planning:  2003: Activation prompted by geographic spread of Avian influenza A subtype H5NI via migratory birds (South Korea), consensus that pathogen presented greatest pandemic threat.
  • International Veterinary Public Health Consortium: Established in 2004 to facilitate participation, collaboration and presentation of topics for (1) advocacy initiatives (2)  country by country analysis, in support of optimization of the veterinary public health infrastructure and (3) funding via communications initiatives with corporate, inter-governmental, non-governmental, United Nations organizations in approximately 195 countries.
  • Atlantic Storm Interactive: A web-based, multimedia presentation that captures the essence of the day and is designed to allow viewers to experience the exercise from the point of view of either a world leader or an audience observer. It will be useful to government officials, technical experts, educators and their students in public policy, public health, international relations, and homeland security—in short, to anyone who is addressing issues related to global biosecurity. -- Center for Biosecurity of UPMC and the Center for Transatlantic Relations of JHU.
Contingency Planning:
Key Note Speaker:
  • The Future of Biodetection Systems - Final Workshop Analysis: The Future of Biodetection Systems Workshop was held last year to bring together industry, academia, national labs, and federal agency personnel in an interactive process, to develop a roadmap for research and development investment in biodetection.  Sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory, September 26 & 27 2006. -- Overview: BTACC Pathobiologics International.  Keynote: DNA-based Detection Technologies (Powerpoint): Stephen M.Apatow, Humanitarian University Consortium Graduate Studies Center for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Law.
  • Bioterrorism and the Biologics Industry: Slide Overview & Notes from Powerpoint Presentation: Stephen M. Apatow, Association of Veterinary Biologics Companies (AVBC) 8th Annual Meeting,   October 2003.
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Biodefense and Epidemiological Tracking:

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