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18 October 2013

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IAGRO defines new rules for vaccination against FMD and transit of animals

Recent contingency discussions associated with acquisition of biological weapons by transnational terrorist groups [1], working with drug cartels in Central and South America, has heightened the  importance of surveillance. containment and control of high consequence pathogens and bioterrorism agents.  Though the focus of counterrterrorism discussions has been, transfer of CBRNE agents into the United States through drug and human trafficking routes, the potential for release of bioagents in Central and South America remains a priority concern.  In the context of these discussions, IAGRO (State Bureau of Animal Health and Plant) has released new rules for vaccination against foot-and transit of animals, that includes:

 "distribution and application of electronic identifiers and vaccine against FMD for animals in the Border Zone."

We need technical translations of the full text document in Portugese for OIE members.

See also: 2,181,000 farms - The danger in shutting down national security: HRI: H-II OPSEC,  5 October 2013.


1. Syria - Global Terrorist Threat Level: HRI: H-II OPSEC, 31 August 2013.

FMD News: UC Davis
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Subject: FMD News: SOUTH AMERICA. IAGRO defines rules for vaccination against foot-and transit of animals
COUNTRY & DATE: South America. 2013-Oct-16

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ISSUE: FMD control program

SUMMARY: The IAGRO (State Bureau of Animal Health and Plant), published on Wednesday in the Official State Gazette (DOE), the establishment of health rules on vaccination against FMD, transit and identification of animals in the municipalities of Zone Boundary of Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraguay and Bolivia. The document is described in Ordinance No. 2966, which was inaugurated today at the DOE. This ordinance today, repealing Ordinance No. 2247, of March 28, 2011, with IAGRO undertaking the development of additional standards for the control of distribution and application of identifiers and electronic vaccine against FMD for animals in the Border Zone, may accredit independent veterinarians and field assistants solely for the purpose of supervision of compliance. Among the rules, the individual identification of bovine and small ruminants is required on all properties located in the areas that make up the Border Zone. The identifiers must be electronic with UHF techno! logy. The control identification, elements and criteria are detailed in the ordinance, it is the responsibility of IAGRO, which may at any time inspect the property.



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