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Cancer Cure In Sight -
Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy

Cell mutations, occur naturally in every healthy person, as does the bodies immune capacity to destroy these abnormal cells. Technically this makes every person a cancer survivor.

Cancer as a disease, encompasses a disruption of the mutational equilibrium or the capacity of the immune system to recognize and contain abnormal cell growth, thus presenting a clinical challenge. It is from this vantage point, that efforts to strengthen the immune system should be a priority focus of all cancer treatment.  

Identification of any disease state, means that there is a vital need for "pathology reversal," that includes sound diet, exercise and lifestyle changes needed to optimize healing and general systemic health.

Exercise Physiology and Pathology Reversal

In the 80's, Stephen M. Apatow's [1,2]  ultra-endurance training in running (double marathon: 100-120 miles per week) and cycling (24 hour) provided the foundation for international level cycling, crosscountry skiing and rowing (sweep, sculling).  The importance of the ultra-distance training was the foundation established through LSD or long slow distance workouts, 50-60 percent maximal heart rate (220-age).  The physiological benefits of LSD training was systemic function and optimization of the cardiovascular system, down to the cellular oxygen utilization levels. While in training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and under U.S. cross country ski team coaching, 75-90 percent of training was LSD, 10-20 percent, speed specific and anaerobic threshold (race pace training).  Combined with an optimal diet and olympic development lifestyle, function and performance were optimized.

Following international competitions in the late 80's, the Cycle Across America [3] and Run Across America [4] projects in the early 90's, LSD training slowly transitioned from Stephen's a daily regimen.  Though he maintained 1-3 hours or exercise per day, the emphasis was on strength training, martial arts and general aerobic conditioning.  Close to 20 years later, the diagnosis of tonsillar cancer in 2010, was nothing less than a shock, but prompted reorganization of the entire picture.  Reorganization encompassed an assessment of all factors that contributed to the disease state, a return to LSD training (70-90 miles per week), an olympic development diet and lifestyle focus throughout treatment at the Yale Cancer Center. [4] Treatment was completed in November 2010. [5]

"As an artist member of the Country Music Association/ASCAP, six weeks out of surgery and and two weeks into chemotherapy/radiation for tonsillar cancer, H-II Stephen Michael Apatow recorded the soundtrack "The American Way,"  and shortly thereafter released the Album "Country Goes Global." - iTunes [6]

To date, clear of this tonsillar challenge, [7] LSD training has prompted a return to targets equal to or beyond his peak peak training years, in what he calls a  "pathology reversal"  focus with conditioning restoration.  His international educational programs target the general principles associated with this progression,. that can be adapted for all ages and fitness levels, under the care of a physician and fitness specialist.

Boosting the Immune System

Once a cancer diagnosis is presented, the first logical progression is to strengthen or enhance the immune system.  The therapeutic approach for this is called "Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Therapy:"

 "A specific type of cell transfer immunotherapy, in which the lymphocytes infused back into the patient are from the patients own tumor.  These lymphocytes are actually infiltrating and trying to destroy the tumor and they are obtained when the tumor is biopsied or excised. The tumor infiltrating lymphocytes contain a large concentration of cytotoxic T lymphocytes specifically targeted against the antigens in the patients own tumor as well as numbers of natural killer lymphocytes that can destroy tumor cells .  The lymphocytes are grown in a laboratory with interleukin-2 to stimulate growth of the lymphocytes and then infused back into the patient to attack and destroy the tumor." -- Neoplastic Disease: An Introduction to Human Disease: Pathology and Pathophysiology Correlations, Leonard V. Crowley.

Today, this therapeutic approach is not available as a primary cancer treatment modality.  It is in the context of this critical need, that  Stephen, through the consultancy umbrella of Pathobiologics International [8] and Sports Medicine & Science Institute, [9] has been working to engage the international biodefense, veterinary public health and the medical research community to fast track access to these therapies. [10,11,12,13]

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